Saturday, December 15, 2018

Why I Bought A Broken Tin Windup Toy And You Should Too!

It was a rainy day this past Saturday, and there were no yard sales to be found. I decided to hit a few thrift stores to get my "fix" and possibly find a treasure or two.

I stopped at one of my favorite stores, and in the corner of my eye, I spotted this Jiminy Cricket tin toy behind the glass display case!

I quickly did a search on eBay, and found that this same exact one in working condition sold for over $400

This one had a broken umbrella, and the windup mechanism did not work, I knew that it brought the value down a lot, but I also knew that there was only one other listed on eBay, I had the other one in my hand!!

They had a price of $75, and I talked them down to selling it to me for $50

It is currently listed on eBay with 3 days left on the auction, and it is already up to $41 with over 30 watchers. I am hoping it will sell for around $150 or more. 

If  you ever see the tin windup toys from Japan, Del Mar, or Walt Disney and you can pick them up for a decent price, you can never go wrong!  Even if they are missing parts and don't work, still buy them!

These toys were played with very hard by the kids in the 1950's and very few lasted.

There are collectors out there that are looking, and may need yours for parts or they will even restore them back to the original condition!

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