Wednesday, April 11, 2018

There’s Big Money In Sample Shoes

The other day I was out at the local Goodwill for about 2 hours looking for anything to sell with no luck at all.  Everything there was junk and not worth listing.

I searched through every T-shirt, walked up and down the aisles, searched and searched, and just when I was about to give up....... I spotted these sweet looking pair of orange shoes from across the store!

I swooped in like an eagle before anyone else could get em, and as I was looking them over, I noticed something I have never seen before.

On the tag that has the sizes ect, it said the word SAMPLE across the top, I have never seen a pair of sample shoes before, and after doing a quick search on ebay, I realized I may have a treasure on my hands.

In this video I will share with you a little more about "sample" shoes and the money you can make!

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