Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Why you need to sell VCR and DVD players on ebay

Why do you need to sell VCR and DVD players on ebay?  Because they are selling like crazy!!

Even though its impossible to make any money with vhs tapes, you can seriously cash in with the players!

Over the last few months, I've been watching on eBay the amount of money these vhs/dvd players have been selling for.  I have been leary on buying one in fear of it not working correctly, and I wasting my time and money.

Well today, I came across this player in a thrift store, it was dusty, dirty, had a rust stain on the top of it from what it looks like a paint can was sitting on for years!

The owner of the store gave it to me to take home and test, and if it worked I can pay her later. ( I'm a regular in this store, they know Im good for it! lol)

After cleaning the player and testing it out carefully to make sure every button ect worked perfectly, I decided it looked and performed good enough to list on eBay. Three hours later, I sold it for $74.99!!

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