Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Why you should avoid selling electronic parts on ebay

Last month I blogged about how you can make Huge Profits On Ebay Selling Broken TV'S

Well, I have found out first hand, that electronic parts are the WORST items you could ever sell on eBay!

I studied and researched these tv parts, looked at other sellers, looked at the sales ect.. and on the surface everything look great, but then the nightmare began!

I have always known that there buyers who are always looking for ways to get over on sellers when they have the chance, but little did I know how bad it is when it comes to electronic parts!

I have never in my 15 years selling on eBay had such a terrible experience when it comes to electronics.

In this video, I will share with you the reasons why you should avoid selling electronics, and if you still want to, some tips on what to do to cover your butt!  This video may be a little long, but worth listening to.

Friday, July 14, 2017

How To Find High Profit items to sell On eBay

Vintage Military OPTIMUS HIKER

 I used to spend a lot of money at yard sales and flea markets buying stuff that I thought was worth a million bucks, just to find out when I got home and looked them up on the computer on eBay, they were junk!

The photos you see here are items I found at garage sales that EVERYONE at the sale were over looking. The 2 military cookers are valued at over $200, I paid $2 a piece, and the Akai tape deck selector, I paid $3 for and SOLD it for $200 the same day!

Akai Tape Deck Selector DS-5

What I am about to share with you in the video will save you time and money, and will also make you A LOT OF MONEY!