Monday, October 3, 2016

eBay Checkout Glitch Causing Sellers To Lose Money!

Today I received a message from an eBay buyer asking me to check to see if I had received their payment for an item they had purchased from me.

They stated that they paid via PayPal, but never received any conformation from eBay that the purchase was completed.

I checked my PayPal account and sure enough, a payment was received from this buyer, and everything looked legit.

When I went to process the item, I noticed that I could not find the transaction anywhere in my eBay sold section.  I searched over and over, and came up empty.

I called PayPal and they informed me that the transaction was good, and they did not detect any fraud. I then called eBay, and they confirmed that a transaction for the item he "purchased" never happened!!

Watch this video to see how a checkout glitch could be a new way to scam sellers!

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