Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How To Make Money Selling Tools On eBay, Look For Snap On Brand

When I was a teenager working at a mechanic shop back in the 1980's, it was my job to make sure all the mechanics tools were cleaned and placed back neatly in their tool box.

The brand that they used the most was Snap-on. Every week, the Snap-on man would arrive in his truck to the shop, and the mechanics would purchase new tools or if one of their tools broke, Snap-on would replace it for free.

Years later, when I started selling on eBay, I came across a massive collection of used Snap-on tools. I remembered that is was the mechanics favorite tool, so I quickly did an eBay search on my phone to see if they were selling on eBay.  To my surprise, almost every single Snap-on item sold!

If you search the Snap-on site, you can see how expensive these tools are. I purchased about 30 wrenches for $2 a piece, and sold every one of them for approximately $20-$25 a piece!

The old vintage stuff brings big bucks! So when you are out on the hunt, be sure to look for that Snap-on name.

In this video, I will show you exactly how much money you could make on these tools.

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  1. I've always passed over tools at garage sales because I knew nothing about them and considered them "a guy thing." I'll look for Snap On from now on--thanks Darren!

    1. Hey Suzanne!! Get them tools girl!! Thanks for the kind comment!